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About MERA

Welcome to MERA, an open-source tool for analyzing risk, guiding fishery improvement projects, and evaluating fishery management strategies for certification.

MERA links a simple graphical questionnaire to the powerful DLMtool and MSEtool libraries to calculate fish population status and management performance.

The development and testing of MERA is supported by the Marine Stewardship Council. Additional support is gratefully acknowledged from the Natural Resources Defense Council.

MERA is an ongoing collaboration between the Marine Stewardship Council and the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries at the University of British Columbia. The objective of MERA is to bring defensible and transparent management decision making to a wider range of fisheries. The software is designed to supersede existing fishery risk assessment frameworks being of comparable usability but proving theoretically rigorous management evaluation via closed-loop simulation.

MERA includes more than 30 approaches for estimating population status from varying data types and more than 100 fishery management options.


Help Material

A comprehensive manual for MERA is available here. For for information about the software libraries that made MERA possible check out the DLMtool website.

MERA is under ongoing development

If you experience a bug or would like to request a feature, please feel free to contact the MERA lead developer: Tom Carruthers

For assistance with MSEtool, please contact the MSEtool lead developer: Quang Huynh

For assistance with DLMtool, please contact the DLMtool lead developer: Adrian Hordyk

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